Remembering Matt Ratana

Thanks for visiting our site. After the success of the first 2 events in 2020 and 2021 we are back!

Entries will be open on 1st Feb for advanced orders and they will close on 31st March.

The event will be between 1st March and 31st March. This is not set in stone, if you are not able to complete the distance or are injured, please enter the event before 31st March and then you can complete this when you like.

All you need do is cover 10k anyway you like, walk run, row even swim. It is all entirely up to you.

This year we CAN run together, so please run in groups or even combine it with another organised event.

We have a new medal this year which is based on the Silhouette of Matt that has been put up at East Grinstead Rugby Club where he coached and will forever be looking over at the pitch. We pulled out all the stops this year and the medal is a bottle opener, fridge magnet and a lanyard.

There will still be the great quality shirt or vest in black for 2022.

Merchandise is also available, including hoodies and training shirts and vests.

Entry fee is £30.00  ALL profits go to Matt’s partner Su and to the Matt Ratana Rugby Foundation.

There is a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page called Ratana 10k, please join us there for photo’s, motivation and training advice.

Enquiries can be sent to

Please enjoy and take advantage of you medal. “Have a drink for Matt”.

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